Emotional Literacy

Graduation time spurred me to watch the commencement address given by Steve Jobs. What did he have to say that over 10 million people were interested in hearing on the You Tube video? As I revisited the video I heard Steve talk about how he never graduated college. This triggered the memory of a talk I recently heard by Adyashanti, spiritual teacher to those on Mother Earth www.adyashanti.org

He spoke of the most important elements in raising a child–more important even than an education. So what would be your top three components? Adya (known to his students) said, “See sufficiency wherever you look, no matter how broken.” Other points he brought out were to look into your old conditioning about not trusting life, holding on tightly to the ownership of your child, “your child belongs to the world,” and anxiety about your role as a parent.

“Most important is to give your child your heart. Help them know he/she is completely loved, capable and sufficient.”

And from me, The Attitude Doc, I ask, “is your child emotionally literate?”  It is your responsibility as a parent to equip your child with a feelings vocabulary in order for that child to best express inner experiences. It is liberating for the child and I guarantee it will connect rather than separate. My next question would be, “Are YOU emotionally literate?” I recall a first grade teacher sharing with me after a workshop that she is chicken to bring up feelings in her classroom, because she doesn’t understand her own.

You may or may not be involved in a graduation this spring, but regardless, turn that searchlight inward and take an honest and humble look at your role in a child’s life. If I can offer support, I’m here for you.




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