12/12/12 Childhood Memories …

Today, 12/12/12, is being marked as a rather auspicious day to be alive. Internet research says the next time for a numerology line up will be January 1, 3101. Spiritually, from what I understand, it is about an influx of LIGHT, giving us an opportunity to be an open door to focus on our heart and allow love, joy and peace to flow through us.

December 12th marked a very special day in my childhood as my father’s name was Spyros, or Peter, and was named after Saint Spyridon. In the Greek Orthodox faith. when someone is named after a saint, that day becomes their “name day” and is celebrated almost like a birthday. Winters on Lake Erie were cold, cold, cold, with mounds of snow forming snow caves on the edge of the water, super fun to play in. Chilly temperatures hardly discouraged us from attaching colored lights to the rim of the front door, lighting up the snow covered bushes adjacent to the front porch. For weeks ahead mom baked Greek delicacies, in preparation for the party we looked forward to all year long. Wreaths were placed in the five front facing windows and my job was to turn the white bulb inside each wreath as evening came, to light up the room with a gentle glow. I can still feel my little fingers twisting that light bulb.

The big night finally came and we were anxious for the festivities. Mom produced a culinary feast for the guests that spread across the entire dining room table–Julia Child would have gleamed with pride. The children ran around the house doing what children do oh so well. Daddy danced Greek to the traditional music that filled our home, accompanied with laughter and toasts being made to Peter Delis for a healthy, prosperous year ahead.

Heart warming recollections for me and my sisters this day. “Time marches on” as our father used to say, and it surely has and does. Today I am a YiaYa (grandmother in Greek) and feeling nostalgic as I reflect on these rich memories of my childhood. For more than forty years I have pursued the wisdom of Socrates, “Know Thyself.” The past is just that — the past. It is a new day, it is snowing in Sun Valley Idaho and I hear the heavy equipment on the streets clearing the white stuff for us to travel back and forth safely. Today is where my life is, in the present moment, and I choose to be the open channel for Light and Love. I feel inundated with gratitude to experience a day of life, a day of adventure, a day to love people for who they are, a day to be at ease with what is, a day to be free to be me, a day filled with opportunity to let go, co-create with Nature and watch the magic happen. I’d enjoy hearing from you as to what this day, 12/12/12 holds for YOU.

The Dash What Are We Teaching Our Children?
The Dash
What Are We Teaching Our Children?

Comments to “12/12/12 Childhood Memories …”

  1. Yes – your memories go back further than mine. Precious memories all. I was sharing with Mom and Dad last week how we used to love to have a couple of Papou’s wealthier friends sit in the recliner. As soon as they would leave we’d dive for the cushion to see if there was any pocket change that was left behind. Seriously, the love that was felt during these celebrations burst the physical house at the seams. Friends from St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, neighbors and loads of family; generational and counsins far-removed.
    The basement of their home was always the dancing and younger crowd’s hang-out. If ever there was a cool basement, this was it! Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Yasou, Papou and Yiaya!! Forever in our hearts and thoughts.


  2. Childhood memories include holidays with family down by the Lake at Aunt Clara and Uncle John’s house in Lorain, Ohio. Our Greek family included Yaiya and Papou (Grandma and Grandpa), 4 sisters and their families (with 11 cousins) all joined together with love, laughter, water sports and of course, yummy Greek food! So many fond family memories!

    Thank you Aunt Alex for always being the shining light in our family, thinking outside the box, pushing the envelope and loving everyone for who they are! You continue to be an inspiration! Thanks for always being your beautiful self and support to our family!


  3. Beautifully written Aunt Alex. Wonderful memories. Thanks for bringing them to the front today. Love you!