The Attitude Quiz

Is having a positive attitude in life really that important?

Your answer depends on how happy you want to be, to what degree of physical health you want to enjoy, if you prefer to experience less rather than more stress in your day, what you want to achieve, what value you place on quality relationships–the list goes on.

I invite you to take a short quiz – The Attitude Quiz – and learn a little about your attitude. I will email you a copy of the results and give you some professional suggestions on how to obtain a more positive attitude. I’m here to offer support and guidance IF you are ready and reach out for it.

  1. Do you feel connected and "in the flow" of life?
  2.  Yes No
  3. Do you perceive your relationship with your mate as a positive and expanding experience?
  4.  Yes No
  5. Do you often experience a sense of joy?
  6.  Yes No
  7. Do you feel passionate about something in your life?
  8.  Yes No
  9. Is your life balanced: physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually?
  10.  Yes No
  11. Do you have experience with feeling compassion for others?
  12.  Yes No
  13. Do you believe you are in control of your happiness?
  14.  Yes No
  15. Do you fully live each moment of life?
  16.  Yes No
  17. Have you let your past go and have you accepted both the positive and the painful as learning experiences?
  18.  Yes No
  19. Would you like to learn about becoming more positive in the above aspects?
  20.  Yes No

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