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Profile for the Weekly Sun

I was recently interviewed for an article published in the Weekly Sun.  Check it out below, or download the larger pdf version here


Emotional Literacy


Graduation time spurred me to watch the commencement address given by Steve Jobs. What did he have to say that over 10 million people were interested in hearing on the You Tube video? As I revisited the video I heard Steve talk about how he never graduated college. This triggered the memory of a talk I recently heard by Adyashanti, spiritual […]

What We Have In Common

As a “snowbird” (one who lives in the four seasons and leaves home during the winter for warmer climates) my husband and I found ourselves visiting one of the many vineyards in Central California to learn a bit more about wines.  Fascinating indeed.  This industry has grown from 7 to over 200 in the area, over the past 30 years.  […]

What Are We Teaching Our Children?



I, like many others, have been operating at below normal energy levels since December 14, 2012.  Early that morning, little ones in Newtown, CT were having their oatmeal and pop-tarts, as they prepared for a day of learning the ABC’s and socializing.  Mid morning their lives were changed forever.

The heartache felt in every culture has surely affected Mother […]

12/12/12 Childhood Memories …

Greek Church

Today, 12/12/12, is being marked as a rather auspicious day to be alive. Internet research says the next time for a numerology line up will be January 1, 3101. Spiritually, from what I understand, it is about an influx of LIGHT, giving us an opportunity to be an open door to focus on our heart and allow love, joy and […]