Note: These are testimonials from real people I have worked with. Enjoy them and hopefully they can help with changing your life as well…

Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices – 500 page resource tool

“An inspiring book… full of spiritual insights… a collection of the attitudes, beliefs and choices we encounter as we navigate through the depths and shoals of life. Dr. Alexandra tells us that we get to choose. She gives us constructive and liberating responses to the challenges of life. Be careful: this book could awaken the sleeping giant within you.”

Robert Hawley, Architect

“W is for WONDERFUL and WOW.
Y is for YOU, the miracle of you and all of the work: the beautiful pictures and stories, and wise thoughts.
Z is for ZENITH, the top, the best.

“Your book is SO special. Wow, what an amazing accomplishment. Your book will spread love and healing to so many… thank you for birthing this gift into the world.

Judy McKeller, Portland Oregon

“After reading the chapter on feeling nostalgic in Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices, I woke the following morning and laid in bed with reflective thoughts about my early childhood. I grew up in the same house until I was 15, and could picture the house room by room. I knew all the neighbors on the street and tried to recall their names while introspecting. Other memories were walking with my mother to catch the Wilshire Boulevard bus to go downtown Los Angeles shopping. I was maybe 6 or 7 yrs. Many of the families on the street had loved ones in the war (World War II), and I recall one of the neighbors whose husband was killed. Unpleasant recollections surfaced of a group of guys teasing a girl on the street, as well as egging an elderly couple’s home on Halloween. Feelings of regret, embarassment and shame over such insensitive behavior filled my heart. How senseless. Vivid mental pictures of a block of ice being delivered weekly for the ice-box on the back porch. Reading this chapter was truly a trigger to reflect on my early life. I was so thankful that I could access those memories and realized I had never thought of them before in such detail. It made me miss my parents and I felt sad that they’re no longer alive. In general, the feelings from reading Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices seem to be cumulative. At this point (I’m now on “P”) the by-product is the desire to be a more kind, tolerant, giving and gentle person. Thanks for the memories.”

Eugene H. Abrams, Idaho

“Your book, Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices is great. I like the way it is constructed. It is very readable and the voice you use is so warm and totally approachable. YOU. The firsthand accounts of people you meet along the way really enhance the authenticity of the material. I wish you all good luck with this book.”

Judith Specht, Washington

“Dr. Alexandra is truly a unique person to write a book that will help people unlock their inner child. The Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices book is a must for everyone to read! This book will help people think about their feelings in order to see things more clearly. I laughed and cried throughout the entire book. Well done Alexandra!”

Venda Levy, Texas

“Your book has become my favorite companion and I bless you on every remembrance of you for your works!”

Mary Votel, Florida

“The book, Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices is just my style. I like the way it’s structured. I’m not an avid reader and will rarely read a book from cover to cover. Although I’ve only read a few chapters, the ones that spoke to me, I am finding it extremely insightful and eager to read the rest. The material made me think about the cause of my reactions and actions— something I haven’t done in the past. I realized how the past has been holding me back from my freedom. When I read the chapter on “Guarded”, I became aware of my poor eating habits and the relationship to my weight. I never correlated the two. This book is a most helpful guide to improving my life.”

June, California

“My name is Annie and I am a Psychology student at Pepperdine University. We recently had to read a book and write a book review/presentation. I chose to read your book, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices. I really enjoyed reading your work. Thank you so much! What I like most about the book is how it can fit anyone or anything. Virtually everyone can find a chapter in your book that speaks to them. I also enjoyed the book because the ideas in it were not rocket science. With that, I mean absolutely no disrespect, but that the ideas inside each chapter are really at the reader’s fingertips. It is not Ph.D. mumbo jumbo, but something that everyone can sink their teeth into. I found your book extremely helpful for the very reason that I have felt lonely recently. Both my husband and I are in the military so we are constantly tested when trying to spend consistent time together. After just getting married, he left for 3 months and I have felt a little disconnected, and not really like my normal self. I realized I felt lonely. I really immersed myself in the chapter on loneliness and it has made all the difference. Thank you!”

Annie Reader, Pepperdine Psychology Student

“Dr. Alexandra Delis-Abrams has organized a very well-written reference book! She was honest, enthusiastic, and compassionate as she helps the reader to understand and connect more deeply with the people they love. The reader will appreciate their attitudes, beliefs and choices more as they learn to accept who they are as they create the life they deserve.”

Writer’s Digest

“Dr. Alexandra Delis-Abrams has written a book that will be read and re-read for its wisdom, compassion, and insights. She skillfully helps us to appreciate how our feelings and beliefs impact our behavior, and most importantly, she encourages us to recognize that we all possess the ability to choose our attitudes and our actions in any situation. Her book is uplifting and empowering and will help people create a more satisfying, meaningful existence as they journey through life.”

Philip Shapiro, M.D.Author, Healing Power

21 Day Course Testimonials

“My emotional healing started with a spinal cord injury of all things. While recovering in the hospital, I had to relearn how to do basic things. What helped were the therapists who were there providing support. This helped initiate a shift in attitude as before the accident I didn’t see myself as a much of a capable person. After I left the hospital, I wondered what else I could do to improve myself. I went back to school and came off anti-depressants thinking I would be ok. Unfelt feelings started creeping up though and I didn’t know how to deal with them. I spent most of that spring and summer visiting a few different counselors but made little headway. I wanted to learn how to be authentically empowered but spent almost all of the time with them just talking around the issue. Finally in desperation I gave Alexandra a call. Soon after our first session, I ordered her self-empowerment course.

“Alexandra’s 21-day self-empowerment course, Conscious Choice, Conscious Creation, is the most effective tool I have used to learn to be a happier person. Living with a spinal cord injury, this pursuit has been on going. As I went through the course, I shed old beliefs that didn’t work for me as I learned how to relate to life. I feel much more able to approach life with a positive attitude and use my imagination with passion. I learned to not base my happiness on what is going on in the outside world and instead choose what to make of the outside world from the inside. And since I can trust myself, I can trust the moment.”

RJ Wagner

“What is great about this course is that it is very personal, and in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home, more memories and feelings are accessible.

S. Robinson, California

“I am currently taking the 5 Day Course and have purchased the Magical Life Changes Bargain Bundle.I have been diligently working, reflecting and writing. Day 3 on responsibility was tough, as I realized that I have a Victim Consciousness in every area of my life. I feel as if I have been stuck and in my cave for 20-30 years with nothing to show for it, and yet another failed relationship. I have looked at the past few months and have attempted to take responsibility for areas of negative thoughts, limited thinking and conditioned love. Yuck!

“I find that unity, science of the mind, spiritual practices of intention, and the power of thoughts and responsibility are doors that are slowly opening to my new life. Although, it has been many years of trying to change; my process has been frustratingly slow, and I hope that taking your course will open my eyes and heart even more. I realize I have to change. I must change to have a happy and fulfilling life.

“I look forward to doing the work! Maybe I will call for a phone consultation with you sometime. I believe in your expertise and being able to hone in on the issues.

“Thanks for your excellent website and free articles. I have downloaded most of them, read them and re-read them. Thanks for another chance to reclaim my life before another day or year goes by.”

Gwen Fehnel, M.A. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Life Change Consultation Testimonials

“Alexandra Delis-Abrams helped me in ways I never expected. Her questions and insights cleansed me of stress and pain I had previously been unaware I held. In a single session she freed me of unnecessary limitations to both my physical and emotional well-being. I recommend her services without reservation.”

Steve Reed, Buena Vista, BCS

“My session with Dr. Alexandra was both motivating and enlightening. I left her office knowing and feeling something different had occurred in my being. I also felt armed with excellent practical guidance on ways to enhance my life. She is truly a magnetic, inspirational dynamic healer– a true “stretch” rather than a shrink!”

Betty Shaw, Florida

“I was driving down the road today, singing along to the radio, feeling particularly joyful and I thought to myself, “Thank you Alexandra for giving me my life back.” Then, I giggled and corrected myself and thought “Thank you for showing me how to reclaim and recreate my life.” That is the truth, isn’t it? You opened up a space for me that I needed and you made it safe and possible for me to step into that space. I feel more joyful and more alive. 

I had so much resistance to working with you because I was carrying the idea of “talk therapy.” I knew I had many layers of “stuff” to work through, but I didn’t want to dwell on the past and get bogged down in the details. I craved forward momentum. Now I know that our paths crossed for a reason. I had no idea how you worked and the deep, deep level of work you did. I was scared to “go in” and that fear should have been a huge indicator to me that “going in” was exactly what I needed. When I finally allowed myself to relax and breathe and feel what was there, it lost its power over me. I literally felt it dissolve. 

Keynote and Workshop Testimonials

Idaho School Counselor Association 2008 Fall Conference

“I attended Alexandra Delis-Abrams at the Idaho School Counselor Association 2008 Fall Conference and thoroughly enjoyed the new perspective and unique insight she offered. After some technical difficulties (we couldn’t find the right cords to connect her laptop to our projector), the show went on. Throughout the experience, Alexandra was patient, flexible and willing to adapt, which just happen to be some of the attitudes she stressed in her presentation. Alexandra has a unique perspective on life. She has been so many places, and done so many things. Even so, she maintains the attitude of eternal student, willing to learn from anyone in any circumstance. I also attended her Laughter Yoga session. It was amazing fun. Despite the difficulty many adults have letting down their guard, and becoming children again for even a short moment, Alexandra guided us through a relaxing, enjoyable, fun and laughter filled time. She is the kind of person I would like to spend more time with, just talking about her amazing life.”

Chris McNaught, President-Elect Idaho School Counselor Association

Child Care Providers Training Boise, Idaho

I want to thank you for such a great workshop. I really found all the information you gave us informative. It got me to think about who I am as a person. I am working on taking your words and using them both at work and at home in my everyday life. I would love to have had more time to get to experience the other ways you could have helped us. I have recommended you to my co-workers. I think it would be a great experience to go to your workshop with everyone I work with so we could all help each other.”

A.O. Weiser

Southern California Kindergarten Conference Burbank, California

“The session was outstanding! I learned so much and plan to incorporate the teaching into my own life and classroom.”

“She was fantastic. I learned many new ideas. Many things I hadn’t thought about. She would make a great keynote speaker next year for our conference.”

“Terrific presentation. I got the realization that what I do, think, and am affects my students.”

“I left this workshop with a positive outlook on life. I wish it could have been longer.”

“Awesome! Amazing techniques for working with children. Also great ideas for me.”

Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices Workshop Sun Valley, Idaho

Your workshop was wonderful. It helped me to focus and clear the anxiety that has been building over the election and the demands of my other commitments. Hard work and clear vision produce positive results. Anxiety and fear of failure are old leftovers from trying to prove that I am lovable. I am lovable and worthy whether I win the election or not! It’s always such a relief to remind myself that I don’t have to be perfect. Your workshop is a refresher course in self-acceptance.”

Sara Michael, Idaho

Speak from Your Heart Seminar

“I want to thank you again for offering and facilitating that amazing workshop. I left with so much more than I came with and so much more than I ever expected from a workshop aimed at public speaking.”

Patty Healey

Soaring To Success, Compensatory Education Conference
Boise, Idaho

I would like to recommend Dr. Alexandra Delis-Abrams as a motivational keynote speaker and workshop presenter. She has a positive, sincere and inspiring message through her word and presence. Her sessions were well attended by teachers and administrators interested in the affective domain of working with children as well as understanding themselves. The evaluations she received were overwhelmingly positive; participants indicated that her session was much more intrapersonal and moving than most.

Jan Byers, Idaho Department of Education

I was delighted to discover this session. Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices dealt with getting in touch with one’s feelings, as well as personal issues that may interfere with our overall performance as an individual in whatever situation we might be in (home and/or classroom). She did a splendid job with presenting the idea that as we change our thinking, we change our life. Her lecture was stimulating as well as thought provoking, causing myself to take a closer look at my inner self. I enjoyed her demonstration on how to get rid of the extra baggage we carry through life that keeps us from being happier and more productive. The most enjoyable portion was when Dr. Alexandra took the class through a process of relaxation, through deep breathing exercises and visualization to help us come to peace with our difficulties. She did a wonderful job presenting this material and gave me an opportunity to come to a better understanding of myself.

Lloyd W. Becker, MSW

Infant & Early Childhood Conference Washington, DC

“Of the many concurrent session proposals received this year, your presentation was selected as one that would add to the knowledge base of those attending. We appreciate the information and techniques you shared with the audience. Your overall ratings were right there on top from both workshops you presented.”

Chris R. Koehler, Washington State University

“Excellent. I learned, enjoyed, cried, and laughed. Very fulfilling.”

“Some bold and different choices in speakers ie: Dr. Delis- Abrams.”

“Her philosophy was clearly presented. Some of her approach was uncomfortable for me but does make sense. I can apply much of this and intend to.”

“It really makes you stop and think. It helped me to think about things like my beliefs, attitudes, fears. It was just what I needed to hear.

Pocatello Association for the Education of Young Children

“I truly believe teachers of young children rarely take the time needed to take care of themselves. We are always taking care of the little ones. You provided us with the opportunity to learn how to better take care of ourselves. You also showed us the importance of taking care of our attitudes, beliefs and choices so that we are better for our children. For that we are truly grateful. Thanks again for your generosity and kind spirit.”

Stacey Jensen, AEYC Conference Chairperson

“Authentic and gifted speaker. Transformational and useful material.”

“Power– she’s a beautiful soul.”

“By far the most robust presentation. I came back to this Wellness Festival this year especially to see Dr. Alexandra again

Childhood Curriculum Conference Sponsored by Torrance School District

Attendees’ responses to the question, “What did you especially like about the session?”

“I loved the fact that one short session can make a life long difference! I enjoyed Alexandra’s passion and love for what she does.”

“She made me take time to look within myself and reminded me that my attitudes and beliefs shape what I bring into my classroom and how I choose to treat each child in my class.”

“She shared simple ways that we can shape our attitudes, beliefs and choices.”

“She focused not only on the students we will be teaching, but knowing ourselves and being aware that our attitudes, beliefs and choices affect our life and the life of those we teach.”

“Clear, well-explained, inspiring. A good introduction and foundation.”

“I’ll remember her saying, “each child is a gift to you”. Very inspirational speaker.”

“She is very inspiring– a good speaker to get my mindset ready for a new school year– my 16th.”

“I really enjoyed the story about the Cherokee and the wolves. Your stories and analogies stuck with me the most. You provided us important and critical advice. Thank you.”

“She was very passionate about children and helped me to realize that each child should be accepted for who they are as individuals every day.”

“Brain formation patterns, circuits, emotions. I like her sharing psychological impacts and how it affects others, ourselves, as well as our attitudes and beliefs.”

“Well organized, interesting and useful information. To change behavior we have to change our beliefs.”

“I liked the way Dr. Alexandra expressed herself. She made me feel that I can really reach my dreams and be what I want to be.”

Attendees’ responses to the question, “What did you like most about the conference?”

“Everything, wouldn’t change a thing.”

Very powerful and meaningful. Good points and realizations. What a good, motivational way to start the conference.

“I’ve been out of the classroom for 8 years. Now I feel mentally prepared to not only teach but nurture the minds of the students placed in my classroom. I start my day of quiet reflection. Thank you.”

“I viewed this conference as the “hum” start of my getting-back-to-school engine. What a treat to have a quiet reflective energizing jump-start. Thank you.”

“She was very inspirational and positive. Her personal experiences were very influential.”

“Affirmation on the value and affect of our acceptance and appreciation for each child we teach and to honor their feelings. Alexandra speaks slowly and clearly and is easy to listen to. Thank you.

Change Your Emotional DNA and Experience More Joy

“I am deeply grateful for Alexandra’s guidance and open heart that allowed me to feel safe and nurtured as we explored the neuro-physical reprogramming process at her workshop, Change Your Emotional DNA and Experience More Joy. Having more tools to use to discover long hidden beliefs and identities enabled me to zero in on what feeds a belief. Through the use of NPR I was able to identify, release and dissolve these attitudes that have kept me living in old patterns that stem from fear. Through muscle testing and answering key questions I was able to understand my ego consciousness that kept me trapped in resentment, blame and unhappiness. I left the workshop feeling empowered and with a strong affirmation that I am 100% in charge of my life, master of speaking my truth and free from a victim or martyr identity.

“Thank you Alexandra for your commitment and dedication to helping others heal and live with more love and light. As you stated, ‘Change yourself a little, change the world a lot.'”

Char Roth, Elementary Teacher

Life Change Lesson Testimonials

“I want you to know how valuable your newsletters are to me. I actually use a lot of your concepts in my groups for discussion. This one is particularly important because of the distinction you make between the ego and the soul. I’ve also used passages from your book to teach about feelings. It’s been truly a blessing to me. Thank you so much.”

Linda, Counselor