Positive Attitude Book

Attitudes, Beliefs, Choices

“Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices”

Are you creating the life you desire? Do you have a positive attitude? Whatever you may be feeling at the moment, accept it, and know it to be not just okay, but perfect. After all, it is the only way to truly know yourself and to achieve resolution and a positive attitude. The notion that self-knowledge is the path to healing is at the heart of Dr. Alexandra’s mind-awakening and entertaining book, Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices.


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“Alexandra Delis-Abrams, has done it again! In her unique and inimitable way she has created a very nurturing reference book that will stimulate your thoughts and emotions, while improving your insight and perspective. By reading Alexandra’s ideas and taking action on her suggestions you will also have the opportunity to heal the past and create love for your life.”

-Barry Spilchuk, Co-Author, A Cup of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

“Feelings are for many a distant bell, ringing for reasons we don’t know. Overflowing with stories, Alexandra Delis-Abrams’ new book, Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices, is a personal tour of this mysterious land. It will help you understand yourself and connect more deeply with the people you love.”
-Michael Mendizza, Co-Author with Joseph Chilton Pearce, Magical Parent, Magical Child