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  Tools That Can Change Your Life: Surely Azim Khamisa must have felt paralyzed when he learned of his son’s senseless death, and understandably so. What he has done with his life since that horrific experience is nothing short of miraculous. He has been teaching people to forgive. In his latest newsletter Azim Khamisa announces […]

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You think you are ready for a commitment, maybe even marriage, but have you explored the critical areas of your relationship to find out just how right he really is for you and your future? How does he define mature sex or does he have sexual inhibitions—do you? Have you explored money and any potential […]

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  Ayurvedic Medicines Information about ayurveda and different ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of diseases and common ailments. Also different herbal and home remedies provided. » ET – Energy Table Healing energy for everybody. The ET is a strong energy emitter: an antenna for receiving and emitting of positive cosmic energy. Alternative medicine, water […]

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Information from The Mayo Clinic lists increased food intake, slowing metabolism, lack of exercise and genetic factors as causes for weight gain in mid-life. “You might be predisposed to gain weight around your stomach as you age. That means you may have to work harder to maintain your figure. Forget about squeezing into your old […]

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  Conflict in your relationship is not merely a matter needing resolution. Realize that each challenge brings opportunity for personal growth and greater spiritual development. Interpersonal difficulties reveal a clear path to increased self-knowledge and discovery of emerging forms of communication. Once you’ve accepted your personal responsibility in the conflict’s resolution and to yourself, you’ll […]