The Attitude Doc- Health-Related Articles

  There are many approaches to natural health and healing these days. Drugstores not only offer prescriptions, but they now line the shelves with organic health and personal care products, and books on alternative health and the healing arts. Alternative health care (whether it be guided meditation, reiki, massage, conscious living, conscious loving, or integration […]

The Attitude Doc- Success Articles

  It’s time to legitimately acknowledge the necessity of integrity in our personal lives. However, the task of consistently making choices born of integrity presents a formidable challenge. Integrity and ethics are endlessly disputed, as we witness how the absence of personal integrity manifests itself in a violent global climate. If you’re seeking an individual […]

The Attitude Doc- Happiness/Women's Issues Articles

A resilient child becomes an adaptable, happy adult.  Life demands that we adapt to change or struggle in our efforts to cope with depression, get back up when we fall, even adjust to a new home if we have to move. A key to loving relationships, substance abuse prevention, career success, and character development, resiliency […]

The Attitude Doc- Senior Dating & Vibrancy Articles

  Life is always providing us with opportunities to be of service, self-improve, choose to be a victim of circumstances—what a plethora of experiences we get to entertain. It’s quite fascinating if we can see it that way. Seniors are more or less categorized as folks who are retired, have freedom to come and go […]

The Attitude Doc- Success Articles

Have you ever wondered why Oprah is so generous? Maybe she gives simply because her enormous income could use another tax deduction or she’s keeping a close watch on her ratings and needs the boost. I hardly think so! In her economic world, it wouldn’t matter if we ever watched her show again. While it […]