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Information from The Mayo Clinic lists increased food intake, slowing metabolism, lack of exercise and genetic factors as causes for weight gain in mid-life. “You might be predisposed to gain weight around your stomach as you age. That means you may have to work harder to maintain your figure. Forget about squeezing into your old […]

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  Conflict in your relationship is not merely a matter needing resolution. Realize that each challenge brings opportunity for personal growth and greater spiritual development. Interpersonal difficulties reveal a clear path to increased self-knowledge and discovery of emerging forms of communication. Once you’ve accepted your personal responsibility in the conflict’s resolution and to yourself, you’ll […]

The Attitude Doc- Senior Dating & Vibrancy Articles

  We don’t know beginning unless we know ending—tall/short, pleasure/pain, etc. It’s called the Law of Relativity, or opposites. As we welcome a new beginning in 2006, let’s honor the ending of 2005 by replacing the Santa hat with a detective hat and unveil the clues that can bring unbounded joy to the new year. […]

The Attitude Doc- Emotional Intelligence Articles

  You know that to give is a virtuous act, so why does generosity often leave you feeling that you’re taken advantage of and underappreciated? Such an attitude of victimization can become a large burden, however, you have the ability to take charge of this behavior and transform it into natural and authentic generosity—the kind […]

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  The mind-body connection can reveal the hidden beliefs that you may be holding onto tenaciously. Parents’ core values and beliefs about raising children and life in general, are passed through the generations unless detected, released and replaced with those supportive of your journey. If you are holding onto self-sabotaging beliefs, they will show up […]

The Attitude Doc- Senior Dating & Vibrancy Articles

  So you’ve made your will. You know who is to receive the platinum bordered china, the grandfather clock from Germany, the pair of diamond-studded earrings, and your most treasured Charlie Brown cartoon scrapbook. You’ve gone even further to make certain your wishes will be carried out with regard to a life support treatment. You’ve […]

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  I just finished reading The Agony and the Ecstasy, a portrayal of the life of Michelangelo, famed Italian painter, sculptor, poet and architect. Best known as the creator of the sculpture David, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and the dome at St. Peter’s, Michelangelo was, indeed, a composite of agony and ecstasy. While acknowledging that […]

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  The American concept of beauty is a lofty standard to measure up to. It’s no wonder you may be living with a negative physical self-image, but there is an answer. You have the power to shift your attitude and achieve a body shape and self worth that you’re truly proud of. Learn that by […]

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  Our “more is better” culture often prizes material accumulation as the mark of abundance and prosperity, and this mentality easily takes over to the extent that true satisfaction becomes elusive in the endless search for abundance. Perhaps you’ve hit a dead end and found that this type of drive for creating abundance isn’t yielding […]