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Attitudes, Beliefs & Choices

 Are you feeling Joyful right now? How about Magical? Creative? Betrayed? Embarrassed? Mindful? Whatever you may be feeling at the moment, accept it, and know it to be not just okay, but perfect. After all, it is the only way to truly know yourself and to achieve resolution. This notion—that self-knowledge is the path to healing—is at the heart of the message of the mind-awakening and entertaining book, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices.

Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph. D., has conglomerated a series of “feeling” words ranging from Afraid to Zany that will encourage you and empower you to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS in order to improve your life and become your authentic self. She shares compelling stories from her own life as well as the lives of clients, friends, family, and the rich and famous who have achieved their goals and beyond.

Whatever you would like to “fix” in your life, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices has the guidelines and information you want. Perhaps you are undergoing a divorce or ending a relationship, or maybe you would like to be fit for life, or become the next one-minute millionaire, or maybe you’ve decided to manifest your dream job! As your personal development coach, Dr. Delis-Abrams will teach you to pinpoint the obstacles in your life so that you can release them and GO FOR IT! She’ll teach you that your beliefs are the cause of your current situation, and that these beliefs shape your attitude and determine each and every choice you make. In short, the Attitude Doc gives you the ABCs on how to gain more control of your life and experience ultimate fulfillment. Attitude, Beliefs, and Choices will delight you, inform you, enrich you, and transform you into the person you want to be!

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