The Attitude Doc- Health-Related Articles


There are many approaches to natural health and healing these days. Drugstores not only offer prescriptions, but they now line the shelves with organic health and personal care products, and books on alternative health and the healing arts. Alternative health care (whether it be guided meditation, reiki, massage, conscious living, conscious loving, or integration of many of the healing arts) can lead to overall happiness, freedom, taking life circumstances less seriously, and humor, so that your next medical checkup will be a positive one!

Holistic living has to do with being whole. To be truly healthy, you must take all aspects of your life into account: spirit, mind, emotions and body. Maybe your last medical check-up went great; your cholesterol was low, your eyesight hasn’t faltered, your bones are sturdy, and you’re blood pressure is just right. What about the next appointment; can you guarantee it to be just as successful?

We live in a society where diseases seem to “sneak up” on people. The reason is that people ignore their bodies’ messages. If you’re tired, you pull into Starbucks for a pick-me-up. If you’re an insomniac, a few sleeping pills do the trick. If you’re feeling sad or angry, you suck it up and grin and bear it.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily always coming out of the doctor’s office with a feeling of relief. Holistic health or “whole health” has to do with paying attention to the mental, spiritual, and emotional parts of yourself, as well as the physical. In fact, ailments usually manifest on the physical as a last resort! If you’ve been stuffing down your resentment toward your boss, you may end up with the flu to be able to stay out of the office. Perhaps your spouse isn’t giving you the tenderness and love that you crave, and to get back at him or her, a migraine headache springs up every time he or she wants to have sex.

What we eat, our romantic relationships, our choice of jobs, how we deal with family members, what we read and watch on TV—all these things determine how good we feel and if we are to be healthy for life. Unfortunately, very few medical doctors have a background in holism or instill these ideas in their practices. Rather, they treat the symptoms of the disease, the allopathic approach, as a sort of cover-up, rather than getting to the truth behind the health problem.

This is where The Attitude Doc comes in. She knows that at the root of any ailment—whether stress, cancer, PMS, migraine headache, a broken back, depression, nausea, or a simple cold—is an underlying belief or attitude that has surfaced in the body to get your attention. By recognizing these inward beliefs and by giving your feelings some credit, healing can begin.

For more information on the role you play in your health and happiness, pick up a copy of Transforming Your Emotional DNA by Dr. Theresa Dale. You’ll be amazed at the impact your emotions are having on your body!