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Years ago victory gardens were planted out of necessity because of the scarcity of food during World War II. People planted and cared for a variety of vegetables as a fun family activity, to save money, to feel patriotic to the war effort, and of course as a source of sustenance. Today it is still fun, but knowing the local supermarket is down the street, most people aren’t motivated to give the time and attention a garden requires. However, there are many who experience tremendous satisfaction from growing, harvesting, sharing and consuming their own food.

The garden provides not only sustenance for our body, but if we were to use it as a vehicle for personal and spiritual insights, we would discover enormous lessons. Let’s explore a few:

  1. Initially, a commitment must be made on some level that the one tending this project is dedicated to its creation, success and degree of yield. Once that silent pledge has been established, the fertile soil needs to be implemented, with the proper nutrients to grow strong and healthy plant life. When we are willing to make a commitment to ourselves that our minds require positive input for positive output, we will then become aware and prepare our “soil” with thoughts that are kind, supportive and gentle to our process. We can’t commit to another until we are ready to commit to ourself—loving all of the parts that are resisted.
  2. As healthy seeds are selected and planted, make certain they are placed into the soil with thoughts of patience, sensitivity, love and with the humbling appreciation of what they will bring for your pleasure. Remember when you plant a radish seed a radish will be produced. Thoughts are seeds. What is the quality of the thoughts you plant into your mind? Are they compassionate and understanding to the challenges you may be having in your life? Or are they belittling, deflating and demeaning to your self-esteem? You will manifest the like to you through men/women you draw into your reality. Just as seeds are selected for their variety, you can choose the seeds you plant in your consciousness. Know that what you plant, you will manifest. When you know you deserve to be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, you will create that. You are the master of the moments in your life.
  3. Every garden, whether it be flower, herb or vegetable requires weeding to prevent the unwanted intruders from robbing the desired plants of their rich soil. The weeds can maneuver their way into a crop of carrots and cause havoc with the growth process. Once pulled out, the weed can resurface in a short period of time, unless, you dig deeply enough to discover the root. Our beliefs can cause havoc in our lives when they are perpetuated and allowed to run rampant in our minds. Negative and sabotaging beliefs can rob us of our peace of mind, happiness, health and dreams. Discover those pests and eradicate them from their root and start living in the fullness of your truth. There is tremendous potential for your life to unfold if you will only allow it.
  4. Fertilize, feed, prune, water and protect your garden with high intention to achieve desired results. Intentionality comes from the unseen world that promotes your endeavors in ways you cannot possibly fathom. Create the intention to be open to life and all the adventure it offers you at every moment. You can choose resentment or understanding when your kids inform you they aren’t able to make it to the family reunion. Your choice brings you suffering or serenity. You will never know the great numbers of people that will be influenced by your positive attitude. When you set an intention for peace of mind, you are trusting life to evolve in the highest regard. There is an interconnectedness of the universe. It’s a magical space and you’re part of it. You’ve got to do the work, and once you tap into this wisdom just watch the beings you’ll magnetize into your reality.
  5. Rough and dry skin can result from gardening, even when precautions are taken. Splinters have been known to work their way into the skin and get so deeply imbedded that they get ignored, until a particular touch in a certain way brings the realization that something is there that doesn’t belong. Skin can often grow over what the eye can’t see, but the body can feel, and it becomes a challenge to probe deeply enough until the minute fragments are revealed. Be aware and alert. Deep seeded destructive beliefs can become so much a part of life that they almost go unnoticed until something triggers you and you inappropriately explode. It’s not because of what just happened, it’s because of a much earlier experience that caused pain that you’ve resisted feeling. You also know they’re present when your goals are thwarted and patterns continue to play themselves out. Be aware. Be willing to explore and discover how you got to be who you are. The best place to start is with your parents and your childhood. Negative patterns have a way of thwarting your dreams, unless you discover and eliminate them. The girl of your dreams is out there, but until you remove the barriers to inviting her into your space, you may never know her.
  6. After all the work of high intention and positive thought forms, you’re in total awe of the harvest. One single kernel of corn has manifested in a stock that has produced three and four ears of corn. One bean seed has multiplied into ten or twenty pods. The universe is indeed abundant. The millions that go hungry every day would have a different reality, if we all made it our intention to see our fellow human beings as our brothers and sisters. This starts with education, awareness and participation. As you shift your thinking to others rather than being self-absorbed in your own drama, you can be the change you want to see in the world. It starts with a desire and it starts with you. An abundant lifestyle can look like an inspiring and long-term relationship. They do exist and if it’s what you want, so be it. Co-create it and you’ll receive much more than you could ever imagine. On the flipside, you can also have an abundant lifestyle out of relationship.
  7. Pure enjoyment, gratitude and a huge sense of fulfillment thrives throughout your being as you sit down to a meal of vegetables that have been grown and cared for through your body, mind and spirit. Your hands worked the soil, the thoughts of your mind influenced the quality of energy in each seed and your spirit—your passion, love and appreciation contributed to the end consequence. You experience partnership with life and you are humbled.

    Dr. Masaru Emoto, author and researcher (, has discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. His research has been through the photography of frozen water from different sources, forming either beautiful crystals and distorted images.

    We and Mother Earth are both composed of 70% water. If it is true that your thoughts are affecting the water in your body, what would the images reveal? You can change your thoughts to create pure joy and contentment in your life.

Planting a victory garden may not be your preferred activity, but planting the seeds of self-empowerment, intention, unconditional love and happiness should be on the top of your priority list. Not only will you benefit in every area of your life, but your thought seeds will affect the entire garden of humanity. Now isn’t that a legacy worth leaving to your children and grandchildren?