The Attitude Doc- Senior Dating & Vibrancy Articles


You can still count on a few things in life, and one is that spring will eventually come, regardless of what you might have seen out your window March 21st—the official day to welcome spring. Spring signals new growth, optimism, and fresh starts in nature and in you.

You are a physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental being and holism considers all aspects as an integrated whole. You can choose to restore and maintain balance in each and all of your diverse systems and rediscover the joy of living. While starting a holistic approach to life can begin in any season, what better time of year than during the magic of spring? Are you ready to start now?


Spring-cleaning must be a natural high for the Feng Shui practitioner as they sweep through houses, lifting the energy with each move they make. You too can clean out those cupboards, give away clothes that haven’t been worn for over a year, work on that annoying patio table that never sits right, and how about the mounting clutter in the garage? Enormous life change can come from evaluating what is and is not important to keep in your home. Just think how much your kids will appreciate it after you’ve checked out. In the case of entering into a major life change, like blended families, choose wisely what you keep and what you add to the garage sale. No I don’t mean a child or two. I am referring to the “stuff” that one can’t live without. Be discerning and discuss it with everyone involved. Don’t make decisions for others. Be open, respectful and listen, as this could be a challenging experience for many involved.

After the house is in order, consider looking at the vehicle that houses your being. It’s been known for eons that a rest from food consumption can bring tremendous benefit to the body. Springtime can be the impetus to give the digestive track a brief respite. If you see this as too drastic, then consider a liver or gallbladder cleanse. The option of a change of diet to enhance your overall level of functioning just may be the cat’s meow for you at this time, but always check with the doc before you make radical decisions.


Accelerate your positive life change through your willingness to examine the core beliefs that are the foundation of your behavior. Don’t wait for spring to transform polluted thought patterns. Negative self-talk can be destructive.

For example, a client suffering from the lack of abundance syndrome discovered the connection between her mother’s affluent boyfriend and her inability to be successful, financially or otherwise. Her memories of him as a young child were that he was mean, miserable, stingy, untruthful, manipulative and ugly. “If this is what it’s like to be abundant and successful, I don’t want it.” The cleansing of this core belief has significantly influenced her bank account. Is your beau someone who has a prosperity or scarcity belief system? The level of vibrancy in your relationship could be measured by this one belief alone. Ideally, you both want to be on the same page with regard to core beliefs, or else realize this could be a red flag. Stop and take on a Barbara Walters identity. Be courageous and ask probing questions that will convey the answers that will bring you peace of mind. Life change comes from participating and taking risks. It starts with training your mind to know who’s in charge.


A healthy dose of intention to become emotionally available to yourself as well as to others will liven up the garden of your life just as daffodils bring a smile to your face. Be committed to recognize, honor and communicate your feelings. Does separation bring you the happiness you yearn for each day? Lift up the manhole cover of your life, drudge up those buried feelings and tell the truth about them once and for all. Stop denying they are there.

You can begin to move the energy by putting your thoughts on paper. Then take a quantum leap and be willing to once again be brave, and open your heart. Share who you are with the woman in your life. A woman wants to be with a man who is emotionally available, or at least, engaging in the learning curve. The universe will acknowledge your efforts to be real and offer support in ways you wouldn’t even dream possible.


The breath is the connection to life. It is amazing to experience the peace of mind the ritual of breathing meditation can provide the sincere seeker. Inhale and exhale deeply, slowly—without forcing it, but relaxing with each cycle. Like the ebb and flow of the tide, the breath flows in and out naturally. This initial stage of meditation brings calm and peace of mind. The mind is busy racing, determined to distract with its subtle ways, but just acknowledge it and stay seated for at least 20 minutes morning and night. This brief time will bring more joy and contentment than anything in the outer world. Be brave enough to ask yourself “Who am I?” and the answers will come. They will determine the quality of life and open up new meaning to your 24-hour day. Regular quiet time appointments with yourself will slowly begin to generate an energy within you that will bring you great peace. Chances are good the significant other in your life will also benefit from the changes you’ve made. The dating game may narrow you down to the soul mate you’ve anticipated, but never subconsciously allowed to show up. Funny how it works.

So, if you are truly interested in life change, you’ll be receptive and embrace attitude change through a more holistic approach to life. It’s all such a fascinating adventure and you are an important part of it, this spring and all the days of your life.