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What thoughts did you choose as you flipped over the calendar page to the month of February? Maybe you sense yourself starting to close down because you know this is the month of sweethearts and lovey-dovey card and candy exchanges, and that your someone special hasn’t shown up in your reality as of yet. If this is the case, the first day of February can be a day that presents an enormous opportunity for introspection and willingness to look into the relationship you have with yourself. It’s about making life changes.

There are a variety of scenarios that exist on Valentine’s Day when it comes to relationships. To name only a few: two like-minded individuals who have just met and feel attracted to one another; two people who have spent years with each other but neither has the desire to tie the knot; a couple who care deeply for each other but logistics in each of their lives doesn’t make it compatible for them to be together; folks who derive little if any enjoyment from each other, but because of so many years under the same roof, decide to stick it out—they’re bored, unhappy and afraid—but they stay anyhow. You get the idea.

Whether or not you are in a relationship should have no effect on your inner peace. Are you at peace with yourself? Do you enjoy your own company? Are you excited about this adventure called life? The following acronym is designed for introspection:

Love: Would you refer to your self as being light-hearted? How often do you laugh during the day—at yourself as well as the circumstances that you create? Laughing with another can lead to and deepen a friendship, which is a quality of long-term relationships and lasting love.

lOve: “O” is for being open-minded, optimistic, as well as being willing to have open communication, which requires a heavy dose of honesty. Certainly the desire to share the pain as well as the joy in one’s heart is a bonding experience, which opens the door to love.

loVe: Vulnerability is a feeling that most resist and reject. It is also a quality that endears, but too many are fearful of being unguarded and suffer alone. When you discover your true nature and claim your power, you know nothing can hurt you. Being exposed with one you trust actually makes you more attractive… as there is more of you to love.

lovE: “E” is for feeling enthusiastic about yourself as well as life. When you encourage rather than tear down, others are eager to be with you. As you embrace all aspects of yourself you become whole, centered and a magnet for love.

If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest person on the planet. If only you could lighten up, open yourself to truth, be willing to express your vulnerability, and share your enthusiasm for the gift you have been given—the gift of life. If only you could realize that you are love—you would be the happiest person on the planet. If only…