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Our “more is better” culture often prizes material accumulation as the mark of abundance and prosperity, and this mentality easily takes over to the extent that true satisfaction becomes elusive in the endless search for abundance. Perhaps you’ve hit a dead end and found that this type of drive for creating abundance isn’t yielding lasting fulfillment. Are you ready for a new measure of your happiness? By separating self-respect and money, you’ll free yourself to seek true self-actualization—a process of enduring rewards that will open your soul to the real abundance of love, generosity, and an attitude of gratitude.

Is there an imbalance in your abundance attitude? Maybe the promise that money and success would provide lasting happiness has disintegrated and you’re ready to experience deeper fulfillment. Perhaps it’s time to pursue the types of prosperity you truly desire. Let the power of your own magical thinking guide you from your comfort zone—everything you have used to measure your personal value—and allow yourself to become vulnerable. Take a courageous step and look in the mirror at yourself: do you like what you see? Now delve deeper into your emotional being, your own humanness, to discover whether you are genuinely satisfied. In facing your vulnerability in this manner, you expand your emotional core, and accept sensitivity and fear as natural components of your being, rather than undesirable weakness. Delight in yourself as you see superficial barriers begin to crumble. As your receptivity to joy expands, you will find intense gratitude for the people most dear to you. I’ve often witnessed this vivid transformation in clients as they experience a new capacity for caring and openness. Once you’ve tapped into this ability for true feeling, you will discover and embrace the good in yourself beyond material success. You’ll experience a sense of liberation and confidence because your new self-worth is unconditional and isn’t based on the transitory value of money.

This feeling of levity will be further enriched by an attitude of gratitude for the abundance that graces your life. A new and prosperous cycle will begin as you become eager to share your joy with those around you. And, as this generosity increases your abundance, you will truly be on the path to unparalleled happiness and fulfillment.