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I think of March as the time when tulips and daffodils are ready to burst forth from barren dirt. Green buds start to appear, frogs begin to lay their eggs and hibernating animals initiate movement and instinctively peak out of their haven of warmth and slumber to take in the smells of Spring. Migrating birds head north just as this “attitude doc snowbird” is planning to do next week, but with lots less conviction than the birds. What’s so is that March can be both wintry and spring like. Blustery, windy days occur as frequently as mild, sunny days. I just tuned into the five-day forecast in my neck of the woods and it ranges from a high of 45 degrees to a low of 18, with “chance of snow showers.” Currently I’m sitting in 80-degree weather, wearing shorts and a tank top. Hmmmm—a change of attitude is called for.

It’s been a wonderful month here in the desert to work, reflect, rest and embrace challenge. So what else is new? I refer to myself as “a stretch,” instead of “a shrink,” and I live up to that title every day as I continue to stretch my thinking by examining my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Growth and rebirth, for me, seem to occur during every season.

I feel fortunate to visit the Center For Spiritual Living every Sunday and be inspired by the uplifting words from the minister as well as shear pleasure of singing songs that linger during the week and elevate my consciousness. Messages on how to make the most out of each day by changing your thinking and therefore changing your life, the philosophy of this global organization. Each morning I listen to a recorded message by Rev. Joe. Today’s was how to overcome obstacles, which may seem insurmountable. “Rather than putting your focus on the obstacle itself – focus beyond it to what you want to achieve. Doubt exists in the mind. When you shed a positive light on it, doubt dissipates. Fill your mind with thoughts you desire—and doubt has to exit. Positive thought will be much more powerful. This is where you want to place your focus.” Thank you Rev. Joe. Sounds like attitude to me.

Being a perpetual student of life, I signed up for a class offered by CSL on the power of decisions. Mary Morrissey, ( the presenter, talked about the options we have today in selecting a pair of athletic shoes. Given all the styles, fabrics, designs, purposes, etc., we have 77,000 different choices in which to choose from. I laughed when she talked about the three television channels and a test pattern, that we had to choose from in the ‘ole days. (Wow, does that date me.) Now there is a universal remote to operate all your remotes to navigate through the variety of channels.

Her three-hour workshop was engaging from beginning to end. But the end was truly just the beginning. She inspired us all to follow the advise of Henry David Thoreau, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” During an exercise we shared our grandest dreams with a partner who was to listen only—no comments of judgment. What a gift to have friends in your life who will just listen. Many have called Mary a “Pollyanna.” My experience is that she chooses to be positive, focus on dreams and possibility and decide to be a winner.

Another highpoint of the month came when I received an e-mail from one of my Life Change Lesson subscribers, Julia Genovese. She wrote kind words about my work that touched my heart. As I read on she invited me to participate in the launch of her new book, Nothing Short of Joy. I was flattered and eager to learn more. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “Nothing Short of Joy is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy. I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap.” I was intrigued to read the promotional copy Julie sent me. “Inside this candid insightful and entertaining memoir, experience Julie’s incredible journey from victim-hood to empowerment. Being born a dwarf was not the curse she originally believed… it was magic. From degenerative arthritis to brain surgery, Julie’s troubles were ultimately turned into spiritual treasures by the one choice that changes everything. She decided she would stop at nothing short of joy.” I am so honored to know this woman. We’ve spoken once and I can feel her delightful and amusing energy. Do yourself a favor dear reader and buy her book for your reading and then another to give as a gift—to anyone. What an inspiration! Click here to learn more about Julie’s book.

So faithful reader of The Attitude Doc, as we welcome the season of birth, growth and new life what will you decide? To think, to speak, to feel, to become? You may decide to:

  • change sub-conscious disempowering beliefs
  • forgive and let go of an old wound
  • create purpose
  • lose weight and keep it off
  • dust off your dreams
  • laugh more often
  • discover and pursue ways to be of service
  • write a book
  • love yourself
  • become the person you were meant to be
  • be kind
  • give of yourself
  • take charge of your ego
  • open up to your spectrum of feelings
  • be expressive
  • find your voice
  • claim your birthright
  • be positive – get rid of negativity forever
  • allow rather than resist
  • be a Pollyanna
  • live each day like it was your last
  • take action on your desires
  • learn something new
  • be brave and face a fear
  • let your child out to play
  • sing more

Raymond Charles Barker, author of The Power of Decision says, “The valley of indecision and the mountaintop of decision are both available to you. By taking authority over your mind and your emotions, you can have great mountaintop experiences.” What do you choose; chocolate or vanilla? What decision will you make that will change your life now and enhance the moments you are on the planet?

Life was far more glorious than I had allowed. It wasn’t a bad hand, I just had to play it differently. Happiness couldn’t catch my eye unless I looked in its direction. I decided to make my target nothing short of joy.

Julie Genovese, Nothing Short Of Joy

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