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The Stress Management Health Center says that 80% of Americans are stressed about the economy. According to surveys by the American Psychological Association, the top stressors for Americans are money (81%), the economy (80%), work (67%), and health problems affecting the family (67%). And from what I gather after looking at stats on stress, people’s health and relationships are suffering big time. An article by Caroline Wilpert, for WebMD Health News states, “In 2008, more people reported stress-related physical and emotional symptoms than they did in 2007, and nearly half of adults said their stress has increased in the past year. More people reported stress-related fatigue (53% vs. 51% in 2007), feelings of irritability or anger (60% vs. 50% in 2007), and lying awake at night (52% vs. 48% in 2007).”

Peg Evans, Stress Management Specialist is seeing an increasing sense of despair. “Part of the reason is that people are focusing on that which they can’t control. When we focus on that which we can’t control we create more stress.” Sound familiar?

So what can you control? Your thoughts, that’s what. You’ve heard it and you’ve read it, but are you living it?

  • As long as the news is on the fringe of your consciousness throughout the day, your attention will be focused on the state of the economy.
  • As long as you allow yourself to get sucked into the dark opinions of the folks on the economic panels, like a clump of lint being swallowed up by a vac, you will loose your intuitive wisdom and its impeccable guidance.
  • As long as you talk about it, over and over and over again, you’ll feel a despair and anguish about the current conditions.
  • As long as you dwell and agonize over the loss of a job that you thought would support you until retirement, you become a victim, powerless to make changes that most likely will be for your highest good.
  • As long as you attack others, hammer the problems and fail to see the opportunity and solutions, your trillions of cells will respond and your health will suffer.

You’ve got to make changes. And those changes are initiated in your mind with your thoughts. You’ve got to change your attitude. Julianna and Ashlyn, our little granddaughters do it with a magic wand. “I changed my attitude YiaYa”. Get your own magic wand. Do whatever works. But know that you get to choose what you want to think about. Yes, be aware, Yes, honor your feelings. Yes, educate yourself. But choose the best and the highest thoughts. What thoughts make you feel good? The Law of Attraction (a Universal Law) says like attracts like. The more negative thoughts, the more negative your reality and the more positive thoughts, the more positive reality.

Positive ways to cope with stress: (probably nothing new)

Negative ways to cope with stress: (also probably nothing new)

  • Over eating
  • Eating foods that don’t support the body’s well being
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use of plastic money
  • Victim energy
  • Lashing out – reacting
  • Blame – make wrong
  • Irresponsible response to children’s behavior
  • Self-loathing
  • Telling the same damaging story about why your life doesn’t work
  • Destructive thought patterns and emotions like FEAR and WORRY
  • Resistance to what is
  • Busy-ness: doing, doing, doing

So who is in charge of your reality? The economic conditions, your bank balance, Wall Street? They’re all part of the outer world, which you can influence through your positive thoughts, your vibrational alignment with your Source, your hope and trust of life, and the belief that things always work out for YOU.

(Always receptive to your ideas pertaining to this lesson.)

Today I take charge of my life by first of all being aware of my thoughts then realizing that I have the power to change them. I also appreciate knowing that I am always supported and loved by something much bigger than I am that guides me to the higher thinking.

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

Mary Engelbreit

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