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When someone chooses to run for an elected office one would assume that the candidate has the interest of his or her community at heart. The following are a few comments from those who have taken such an oath:

  • “Today, we embark on the opportunity to get that new system of government right.”
  • “I believe that we can do great things together. That’s what the city is expecting.”
  • “We are the promise of a new era of cooperation.”

Now that I’ve set the stage, let me share what has been transpiring with local government here in Sedona, Arizona, where I’ve set up camp until the snow melts in Idaho. It seems that the mayor formed committees of local experts to advise him, on issues that would benefit the residents of this amazing community. A community where people come from all over the world to be overwhelmed by its phenomenal beauty, awed by the mystery of its vortexes and enchanted by the idea of enlightenment. It seems that an economic committee expert had uncovered facts showing that the previous economic statements were misleading and should be shared with the public. The council didn’t like these committees and especially didn’t like the disclosure. So a special council meeting was called, on the night the mayor was to have been at a speaking engagement, for the purpose of voting to “shut down” these committees. The mayor showed up and you can imagine—it hit the fan. “It began with a volley of verbal anger… with conduct that was unprofessional and juvenile,” writes Paul Chavalier in the Red Rock Review.

Reading the entire articles in both local newspapers made me realize how little most folks know about how to responsibly communicate. We seem to be better equipped to lash out and defend our position, which means attacking another and making him/her wrong. (Guess who gets to be right?) More negativity and escalated emotion rather than solutions, come from this energy.

I chose to write about this issue in my weekly “lesson/blog” because of it being so prevalent in our society, from our private home life to our government.

  • Are we as parents, teachers, co-workers and elected officials embracing a feeling vocabulary to better recognize, express and manage our emotions?
  • Do we realize that we can resolve our differences through non-violent communication?
  • Do we understand that we indeed manifest our own reality through our thoughts?
  • Are we the role models for:
    • Teamwork: which involves communication skills, and putting one’s ego on the back burner, to do what is the best for the whole. A. An organization that works together produces amazing results that are based on win/win.

      B. A family operating as a team grows individually and as a whole—strong, reliable, confident and closely-knit.

    • Transparency: which is about being completely open and frank about things; clearly seeing what is on the other side of something. It’s about being accountable. A. As a group with each member taking full responsibility, miracles result.

      B. When your child feels safe enough to be transparent, to confide in you, their parent, he feels accepted and loved, unconditionally.

    • Trust: which starts with ourselves. Knowing and trusting in yourself as a magnificent expression of life, aligned and connected to something much greater than your ego, your personality, your stuff. A. If members of an organization would practice the gesture of the Eastern culture “Namaste,” which means, my soul bows to your soul, challenges would be embraced from a more respectful approach and with a more enlightened attitude.

      B. A child growing up with these principles feels balanced, whole and complete—emotionally stable and solid in truth.

Reading about this drama in the Sedona city government reminds me of the words to one of my favorite songs: “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

  • When will we get it?
  • When will we get that our children are looking?
  • When will we get that negativity, abuse and disrespect never works?
  • When will we get that we are powerful and each thought, word and deed is vibrating and affecting our Mother Earth?
  • When will we get that it takes each one of us to shift our individual consciousness to make a shift in global consciousness?
  • When will be get that the inner work must be done first?

If you relate in any way to these council members, please use this “lesson” to evaluate your thoughts, your words, your behavior and discover the beliefs that you live by. Do they represent integrity, authenticity, understanding and peace? Do they represent the legacy you want to leave your children? If not, replace them with ones you prefer. You can do it. You can do anything? Yes you can.

Today as I look deep within to evaluate what I want to experience 24/7. I am aware that my heart is open and receptive to answers that connect me to my truth.

Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Vince Lombardi

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