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This month we explored ideas about long-term and life-term experiences such as marriage, friendship and transition. As we say farewell to March I want to share with you thoughts about creating lifetime memories. I was blessed to experience one full week of adventure in Costa Rica with our oldest son, while we each created incredible lifetime memories.

Synchronicity was at work again as, thanks to the Internet, Jeff discovered days before our departure that a college roommate had been living in this lush and flourishing country for ten years. A connection was made and we were soon invited to stay with he and his family for a few days in their jungle paradise that they call home. And what a unique way of life they’ve chosen for themselves and their two-year- old son. Andy, biologist-tour guide extraordinaire, included us in one of his “Everyday Adventure” tours to hear and see Toucans and Scarlet Macaws, learn of the vegetation, climb forty feet into a strangling fig tree then play Tarzan by jumping off and swinging back and forth. Following was a 100′ rappel down a dry waterfall. This attitude doc managed to keep up with the group, with the expert coaching from Jeff.

The Howler Monkeys did an efficient job of waking us bright and early every morning after a restful nights sleep, in the jungle cabina on Andy’s property. Tropical breezes and the warmth of the sun dried my body after bathing in the outdoor shower. No need for a Fieldcrest towel for this gal.

We visited a sanctuary for animals that had been abused or lost their mothers through some cruel act. Spider and white-faced monkeys were rescued from the hands of those entrenched in ignorance, while infant white-faced and two-toed sloths were fed moistened puppy chow, which they readily devoured.

Far from the thick jungles of the Osa Peninsula my trusted driver took me over some of the roughest roads I’d ever seen, into an isolated community of 140 residents near the Panama border called Las Alturas. We finally arrived for me to fulfill the purpose of my visit to Costa Rica as the “empowerment facilitator” for a workshop that instructed women how to build a “cob” house. And, that is just what I did – assist a group of fabulous women in confronting their issues that seemed to keep lasting happiness out of reach. While learning how to build a structure of shelter, they also were given tools to establish a connection with their true inner home. A place of peace where only love resides and nothing harmful can enter.

More lifetime memories were generated, as Jeff and I could be a part of Costa Rican life for a brief window of time. The group went on a three-hour horseback ride and just when I was ready to say “adios” to my four- legged friend, I was told this was only a stop for the horses to get a drink of water. My horse went to the trough like the others, but he would not drink any. I brought him a little closer and said, “Bruno, here is cool and clean water for you, so go ahead baby. You’re sweaty and hot and it will be refreshing. Drink.” As he stood there Jeff reminded me of one of my father’s favorite sayings, “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” My laughter shifted the attention from my you know what.

My little travel log this week is to instill the idea that you are totally responsible for the quality of your memories. What kind are you creating with your children? With your parents? With friends and family? With your Self? Are you chipping away at that list of must do’s? Maybe you’re too invested in holding on to grudges and blame to create memories that will make your cells sing. It’s all up to you, you know. You are totally responsible for the quality of your memories, as well as making life changes.

This day shall be the best day of my life, because it is the only one I have to create my future with memories that bring joy to me and others, as we share in the tremendous adventure called life.

After going through immigration at the Los Angeles airport, we had to claim our bags. Jeff noticed the sign, “Baggage Claim”. Jeff said, “I want to get rid of my baggage. But I guess I have to claim it before I can get rid of it.”

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