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As I was checking out a DVD at the local bookstore, I noticed a New York Times Bestseller (3 million copies sold) that caught my eye; 90 Minutes In Heaven by Don Piper. As I was preparing my traveling library for our annual snowbird exodus, the title appealed to me. I so enjoy the routine of reading before bedtime. My little book light illuminates the words on the page and makes this quiet time an intimate escapade between the author and myself.

It was an intriguing read, which provided me the stimulus for this weeks newsletter. From the back of the book, “On the way home from a conference Don Piper’s car was crushed by a semi that crossed into his lane. Medical personnel said he died instantly. While his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Piper experienced the glories of heaven, awed by its beauty and music.” Piper, a Baptist minister came back to life on earth, 90 minutes later, while a minister prayed for him. The ordeal is told of his excruciating pain, his deep depression, the outcome of 105 days in St. Lukes Hospital, 13 months lying in bed, 34 surgeries and a lot of prayer. Two years after the accident he shared his life-transforming experience.

Reading in the softness of my book light the thought strongly surfaced, “Why wait?” We could create heaven on earth every day while we are in this physical dimension. Whether or not, you believe in heaven, in God, in the pearly gates, or a NDE (near death experience) is not the point of this message. It’s about living today, fully alive, on earth, now, in the moment.

Piper’s 90-minute heavenly experience is followed by a related question for those in the earthly experience:

  • Being hugged and kissed on the cheek…”Never had I felt more loved.”
    Do you allow your self to be open to hugs and feeling loved?
  • Piper wondered if he would ever stop crying over the loss of a dear friend. “As he slipped his arm around my shoulder, my pain and grief vanished.”
    Do you treasure your friendships through honesty, caring and loyalty?
  • Those that greeted him were “full of life and expressed radiant joy.”
    Do you know that the nature of your soul is JOY? Align with your soul and you are aligned with joy that wants to be expressed.
  • He felt “engulfed by warm and radiant light.”
    Do you take time to be quiet, pray or meditate and feel the warm and radiant light as you connect within?
  • He had never “felt so alive,” along with feeling “no regrets.”
    Do you feel passionate and think good-feeling thoughts? Every cell will feel alive when you do. Trust life and there is no room for regret.
  • During these moments of “no time,” he felt “as if he absorbed the love others gave him.”
    Do you practice staying in the moment and being present? It is in these times when we know who we are—a loving and authentically empowered expression of love.
  • Besides having no needs he also had no worries, anxieties, and concerns.
    Do you worry and feel anxious? They will visit but how long you invite them to stay is up to you. You have free will—you get to choose.

Piper now says he can give assurance of heaven because he has been there and that it is “a place of unparalleled and indescribable joy.” Although Don Piper knows there is a heaven, others will question it for eons to come.

Would you be willing to have Piper’s heavenly experience here on earth? Would you be willing for just one morning to wake up with the intention of letting go of the old way, the old you, the old story, and be open to tell:

  • a story that was brimming with an incredible appreciation for life?
  • a story that was packed with excitement about the opportunities waiting for you this day?
  • a story that would raise your vibrations so high that you would attract a life the way you want it to be?
  • a story so fulfilling that it would connect you to your true nature of joy, abundance, peace and love?

Are you willing and ready?

I am willing and ready to start each day with a new story filled with excitement and passion for the blessings in my life, raising my vibrations higher and higher into the expansive nature of my true self.

Yes I said, to myself, there are thing I will never be able to do again. I don’t like that and may even hate it, but that doesn’t change the way thing are. The sooner I make peace with that fact and accept the way things are, the sooner I’ll be able to live in peace and enjoy my new normalcy.

Don Piper, 90 Minutes in Heaven

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