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Have you ever experienced deep loss?

The Arizona Wilderness Coalition hosted a group of films presented at the Environmental Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona. “Hybrid-Pedal” captured a one thousand mile bike ride from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah. “Guardians of the Selva Maya” portrayed a Southern Yucatan community’s sincere understanding of the importance of protecting the forest and “planting trees in the hearts of children/.” There were others that were equally as engaging but the one that touched my heart the deepest was “Love Song of Glen Canyon,” a beautiful film depicting the journey through the ten magical years Katie Lee enjoyed running the Glen Canyon River and exploring it’s masterfully carved canyons and wondrous landscape.

Because everybody is after Colorado River water Glen Canyon Dam was built to supply the ever-expanding needs of California as well as those stupendous fountains in Las Vegas. However a severe Western drought that some are saying is the worst in 500 years, is shrinking Lake Powell at the rate of up to a foot every four days. Since 1999, the vast reservoir has lost more than 60 percent of its water. Many like Dr. Richard Ingebretsen, a physician and founder of the Glen Canyon Institute says, “The drought is a godsend. Now is the chance for us to have the national debate we didn’t have 40 years ago. With the lake so low, people can see what was lost, the life cycles, the ecosystem. There is a powerful beauty here that can change people’s minds.”

Katie Lee will be coming to Sedona in the next weeks and I plan to meet and talk to her about her attitude with regard to this fascinating turn of events for Glen Canyon. (This will be reported in a future “lesson.”)

Today’s message is to stimulate awareness about:

  • seeking beautiful places in nature.
  • allowing them to feed your soul.
  • being willing to protect them.
  • making wise choices for your highest good as well as others.
  • asking for inner guidance before making decisions.
  • how what freedom means to you.

I reflect on Joy Adamson’s words when she was told Else, a rescued lioness, would have to be sent to a zoo. “She was born free and that is how she should live her live.” (Born Free still remains my favorite movie.) What does it mean to you to be free?

I am at peace knowing I identify with that which is real: Peace, Love, Joy and… Freedom.

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings.

Hodding Carter

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