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It’s that time again when this snowbird flies south to warmer weather. As much as I love this incredible little valley in the winter months and all it offers; theatre, beauty, best-selling author presentations, dance and the magic of a snowshoe hike on a full moon, I have a partner who doesn’t fully embrace my sentiments and his choice is being outdoors in a t–shirt feeling the rays of the sun on his body. I accommodate him, yet feel a pang of sadness as I see a “Warning Elk May Be Crossing Ahead” sign on the highway. Just another reason why I love and choose to live in the mountains.

Okay, no more resistance, I’m off to the desert, where the mountains look like a backdrop to a movie—Iceland Poppies, Pansies, Geraniums—purples, reds, pinks and yellow—olive trees and tall and lean palms. Beautiful, and different. The thought came this morning while on my first long walk that although the location might change, you take yourself with you wherever you go. Whether a heart is heavy or happy, it goes with you.

2009 was a year of pleasure for some and pain for others. Some felt the joy and gratitude of leveraged residual income monthly, and vacation planning, while others lost their home, a job, a quality of life they’d become accustomed to, or a relationship because of financial stress. For many, 2009 was a year of disappointments and dreams devoured—a year to check in and determine what is really important. As I was pondering these thoughts with each step, I had the idea of a gale-force wind encompassing pain of the past, darkness, hopelessness, anger and thwarted dreams. This wind of negativity is doing its best to keep us off our course of faith, promise, optimism, and peace of mind, and it takes effort to not get completely blown away by this energy. It is always ready to ready to knock us down again and take over our lives.

What I’ve found it takes for me to stay on course is to link arms with a force mightier than any category of wind. A force or intelligence that organizes the cosmos, made up of 40 billion galaxies, including our the Milky Way, 100,000 light years across, containing 200 billion stars. I’m thinking this is a pretty good idea.

Another image came to me while on my power walk and that was the story of The Three Little Pigs. The first little pig’s house, made of straw was easily blown down, then the second pig’s stick house didn’t pass the test either, but it was the pig who built the house of bricks that endured the huff and puff of the nice wolf.

A new you this New Year might want to build your house of the material that will sustain you regardless of how the days unfold. That material is that intelligence I spoke of earlier. When that gale force wind starts to pull you off course, and no doubt it will, know who you are, take charge of your thoughts and ask for guidance. Paramahansa Yogananda says, “Often we continue to suffer without making an effort to change; that is why we don’t find lasting peace and contentment. If we would persevere we would be able to conquer all difficulties. We must make the effort that we go from misery to happiness, from despondency to courage.” We must be willing to point that searchlight inward and take inventory of our life, our behavior, our reality and “be the change that you want to see in the world,” as Gandhi said. Make it a great year.

Winter Feast For The Soul Begins January 15, 2010.

From this moment, I am prepared to control whatever personality awakens I me each day. I will master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods, I will control my destiny…I will be come master of myself. I will become great.

Og Mandino, The Greatest Secret In The World

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