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As a spiritual being having a human experience, I find life always offering me choices. My most recent opportunity was when my husband and I were told we could not indulge in “pasta night” at a certain restaurant because they didn’t allow “denim.” Opportunity knocking. We could make them wrong, make a scene, never go back again, take it personally, hold on to it the rest of the evening (maybe even into the next day), feel irate, insulted and bad mouth the establishment, or see their point of view, understand it as being their rule, leave and change into required slacks, come back another night not wearing “denim,” and/or see that life is perfect and then choose another option for dinner. Situations are always neutral. What we bring to them is our choice.

You’ve heard more than once that what you bring to your life is up to you. Sound too simplistic to be of value? As we inch our way into the first month of a brand new year I’m encouraging you to do some detective work as a result of these January lessons. The first week was about the quality of care you’re taking for the vehicle that houses your soul—about exercising properly and making healthy choices in your food and thought. Last week you read about habits and how they can run your life. Today you’ll be invited to look at how you may manifest stress in your life through the choices you make of holding on to your past and ego identification.

Let’s just say this concept that all events are neutral is accurate. They are what they are—a circumstance, an occurrence, a happening. Simply what is so at the moment. Based on your identification with your ego or your soul you will make choices as to how you resist or embrace that particular situation. A few qualities of ego consciousness would include despair, self-doubt, anger, indifference, victim, pain, devastation, worry, fear, and blame. Soul identification characteristics would be wisdom, self-discipline, joy, confidence, enthusiasm, purpose, pleasure, accountability, courage, authenticity, perfection and love to name a few. So with every event that occurs in your life you can resist it, using your past to validate your position or you can consciously choose it and hold it in the context of knowing you are more than that event. It’s sort of like having it be the fruit, knowing that you are the fruit bowl. And if your response could be called a “meltdown,” observe your self through the whole thing, without judgment and move through it. It’s all perfect! Most likely old unresolved baggage surfaced to suck you in and once again the pain of your past is validated. He stood you up, so the belief that you’re not worthy of being respected is confirmed. You’re late for a meeting and your boss reprimands you, triggering the memory of a time when your father had scolded you for being late for school. Your child is not selected to the team and you’re upset. You get the idea.

Your past can negatively influence the moments of time, if you allow it to do so. Your past can cause you physical and mental stress, if you allow it to do so. Your past can affect your spirituality if either is flourishing or has diminished. Yes there’s a reverse in the shifting mechanism of your car but there’s also first, second, third and even forth gear which propels you forward. Both provide a direction and a purpose. Use the events of your past as appropriately as you would your rear view mirror. Learn from the pain as well as the pleasure. On page 229 in my book, Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices, you will find instructions on how to write a love letter. I support you in doing so for the purpose of releasing the anchor of hurt, resentment, or regret that the past may be causing you, in order to provide clear sailing ahead in 2006.

My belief system consists of thoughts that are sourced in the formless space of infinite wisdom, beauty and unconditional love. Each one totally supports the truth of who I am, which motivates me to refer to the past with gratitude, create a future of prosperity and joy, and live in the present moment as a self-empowered being embracing on a clean slate each moment of now.

Those who have contributed the most to our world have been and are those who make their inner awakening a priority. I’m not talking about ordinary selfishness, because to make a genuine contribution to society takes tremendous inner strength, humility, and surrender. Vision, inspiration and strength come from within, they are anchored in an enlightened consciousness.

-Rev. Michael Beckwith, Spiritual Leader

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