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As an eighteen-month old toddler Jane brought earthworms and sea snails into the house but quickly returned them when her mother told her they needed the earth to live. Although she was the “least likely candidate for the job,” renowned paleontologist Louis Leakey selected her for the work to be done in the forests of Gombe in Africa. Her calling was to “learn, record and share” what she observed but soon noticed primate populations dwindling at an alarming rate. Her work would now include speaking out on behalf of the chimps and their habitat loss.*

Her public speaking began in the 80’s and relentlessly continues to this day to educate the masses on caring for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Dr. Goodall has long been a hero of mine. She demonstrates passion, purpose and power through her gentle nature in spite of all of the exposure to the cruelties of her beloved chimpanzee family. She is committed to a life of service and making the planet a peaceful place for generations to come.

Maybe your calling is not as intense as Jane Goodall’s. We each have our part in what has been referred to by the wise as “the cosmic play.” We each have our own distinctive role and it is our mission to discover it—ASAP. As the glaciers continue to melt and the polar bears struggle to live the life they’ve been designed to and ski resorts suffer losses due to lack of snow, we have to know the time to act is now. It starts with you and it starts with me. Circumstances are forcing us each day to become introspective and to cease a life of self-absorption and identification with the ego identity. We must recognize that we are ALL connected.

It’s not a revolutionary idea, but the more you stay in the present moment and become aware of your environment, the energy, your feelings and your breath, the more you are rooted in your essence which naturally aligns you to your truth, your destiny, your calling. As a few suggestions:

  • Develop quiet time daily to support living in the present.
  • Set an intention to be of service and the perfect venue will manifest as sure as day follows night.
  • Observe the behavior of your children and feed those early signs of their calling.
  • Take action while holding positive and peaceful thoughts, and while being the role model for others.

It all takes some effort on our parts. We’ve not been raised with the idea to be here now. It’s worth our efforts. It’s worth our willingness to see life with a different paradigm. It’s worth our dedication.

I am a light in the world to offer the unique glow of my being to the darkness that exists. My passion to make the world a better place is infused with joy and love as I willingly fulfill my purpose.

Every individual makes a difference every day… It’s your hand and my hand that change the future.

-Jane Goodall

*Thank you to Sandra Sarr who wrote the article, “Amazing Jane,” and interviewed Dr. Goodall for the Science of Mind magazine December 2004.

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