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Surely Azim Khamisa must have felt paralyzed when he learned of his son’s senseless death, and understandably so. What he has done with his life since that horrific experience is nothing short of miraculous. He has been teaching people to forgive. In his latest newsletter Azim Khamisa announces his third book, The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit; How to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits. It is a self-help book, published by Random House and available February 24, 2009, with practical instruction on how to develop the inner strength to respond powerfully to all of life, “We all have hopes and visions. We all have a spiritual purpose. My purpose became glaringly obvious after the tragic death of my son Tariq on January 21, 1995, an anniversary we now celebrate as the result of the amazing work done in his memory by TKF and CANEI, as well as the personal work I do through my keynotes and workshops. Simply stated in my tagline, I wish to teach people to achieve peace through forgiveness.”

It is so natural for children to learn to forgive, which means that the ability is within us—it simply has been clouded over through adult conditioning of needing to protect yourself. I’m big on experiments: let go and forgive another or yourself and write me of the miracles that spring forth as a result. Then make a commitment that you will love yourself, like a newborn baby child, and accept your past for what it was, knowing it brought you to the awareness you have today, knowing that through the act of simply feeling good, you can create the present and the future as you prefer. How empowering is THAT?

Love is forgiving. Azim is an extraordinary role model for us as he learned to heal his emotional wounds through forgiveness. It is wise to forgive others who have hurt you, regardless, because every time you think of that hurt, your body responds to that energy associated with the deed. Imagine if each of us could heal the past – the old injury to the heart – and started forgiving letting go of that pain. I would think Mother Earth would also benefit from your judgments, as you release the need to hold a grudge accompanied with negative thoughts and feelings then replace it with a caring, appreciative attitude towards life.

I heard Gregg Braden interviewed* by Valerie Skonie, Founder of The Winter Feast For The Soul. He spoke of a Global Coherence Project, being launched by the Institute of HeartMath, a nonprofit organization recognized as a global leader in researching emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions and the physiology of optimal health and performance. (The meaning of coherence is the quality of being logically or aesthetically consistent, with all separate parts filling together to form a harmonious or credible whole.) “GCP is a scientifically-based initiative to facilitate heart rhythm coherence and heart-based living. Heart rhythm coherence is nature’s resonant frequency and helps people feel more connected with all life. As increasing numbers of people learn to generate heart coherence, and manage the stress unease, they can collectively help shift the global stress momentum toward a global coherence momentum, which, in time, can transform global consciousness. This is the vision pf the Global Coherence project and the Global Coherence Monitoring System.” (Check out his website for details on how to participate.)

What would have to happen for you to live a heart-based life? Who would you need to forgive? What would you need to let go of? What could replace the unwanted stress? Would you be willing to think only feel-good thoughts?

Although stressful events may be part of this reality, I choose to seek a deeper connection with who I really am, an authentically empowered being of light, co-creating through my thoughts and emotional guidance system.

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.

Bernice Johnson Reason, American Historian and Musician

*This interview along with others can be heard on the website under “Saturday Community Calls.”

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