Things Mom and Dad Taught Me

Things Mom and Dad Taught Me

Would you rather believe. . .

I expect less every year I’m alive.
I don’t expect to have an intimate relationship.
I have no preferences.
Love is not a safe choice for me.
I’m not important in anyone’s life.
I’m not good enough for happiness.
There’s something wrong with me.
I’m not loveable.
There is no such thing as love for me—maybe only for others.
I don’t deserve love.
If I love him he’ll leave me.
I’m a neglected person.
I’m a wicked person.
Or . . .  
I am deserving of the very best: I’m worth it!
I’m open to an intimate relationship and know the right one is available to me.
I make quality choices based on openness, understanding, and discernment. No one on the planet knows more than I do about what I prefer in my life.
Love is the essence of my being. Love grows in my life as I demonstrate love for others. I not only deserve to be loved, I trust that I will experience sustaining relationships that allow me to demonstrate and receive love.
I no longer choose to perceive myself as neglected or ignored. I am fully alive, awake, and receptive to living a life of quality and joy.
No one on the planet is truly evil by nature—and neither am I. I am filled with the light of love and I choose that as my identity rather than an illusive label of “evil.”

   Every one of us has been raised with someone’s perception of life, how we should live it, and who we are. All of the should, should not, don’t, and no’s of our early upbringing are regrettably a reflection of our parents’ views, beliefs, and culture. Frankly, few of those perceptions and beliefs are true or even applicable in our own lives. Why would they necessarily have to be right?

   Few of us like to question or criticize our parents. The concept that blood is thicker than water runs deeper than we suspect. The fact is however, most of our parents’ core beliefs about raising children and life were acquired from their parents, and their parents acquired them before that. Even the law is based on beliefs and practices that are frequently outdated, for example, how often do you have someone walk ahead of your car with a lantern in the fog? Some states still have laws as outdated as that in their books. Did you know that what women find attractive in a man is mostly a result of cultural beliefs about beauty?

   The point is, our parents’ basic beliefs may have—and may not have—worked for them, but what evidence do we have that they’re working for us? Could you be losing your identity in the shadow of faded beliefs? There is a simple key to knowing if your beliefs are working out for you. Ask yourself this one question: Am I happy? You will receive an instant answer to that particular question. You will automatically respond with a yes or your mind will begin to qualify in which areas of life you are happy and in others where you are not. Try it.

   Okay, so you’re happy. You can turn the page and move along. If however, you found one or a dozen areas in your life that don’t ring the happiness bell, stick with The Attitude Doc. The first group of beliefs listed above came from actual clients and the second list reflects how they felt after working with Alexandra Delis-Abrams, the Attitude Doc. If you commit to work with the Attitude Doc your life will change and it will do so quickly. It’s as simple as that. You won’t need long hours lounging on the shrink’s sofa; instead, you’ll learn a method that you can quickly and easily apply to every area of your life. The Attitude Doc is a “stretch” rather than a shrink, so you don’t need to hunker down on the couch for a lifelong commitment to treatments and Freud. You can stretch your thinking to include a happier you. Believe it!

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